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Currently, we all have been aware of the brands which are booming in the marketplace both online and offline. These brands have made a special place in our hearts with their unique selling point and personality. But the main area of interest is their individuality from others, we can undoubtedly say which logo belongs to which brand. We see the logo and we quickly associate with the brand.

For instance, think about Amazon and you can easily recall its logo, typography, packaging and even its “A to Z Smile”. More than that, Amazon also reminds us of its convenience and flexibility. You can check out Amazon’s payment services brand book here-

Many such brands have been successful in making a strong identity, for instance, McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Netflix, etc. Apart from branding, a branding kit is an important factor that helps you make an identity. You must be wondering what exactly is a Brand Kit, well let’s dive into it and by the end of this blog you will have a clear understanding of this topic.

What is a Branding Kit?

A branding kit is nothing but a digital ebook or printed booklet (constructed depending on the size of the company) which is usually shared through downloadable PDFs or printed documents. It acts as a company’s rulebook. You can simply distribute it to the employees or the stakeholders and can also make it public for giving an insight into your company’s visual identity. 

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A brand kit is made up of logo iterations, primary and secondary colour(palette), fonts and typefaces, brand and visual attributes. It also includes letterheads, envelopes, stamps and other promotional materials. 

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

How a Branding Kit impacts your business

It is often said that “ A Branding Kit is an Identity Kit”. It behaves like a visual asset of a company which is true because a brand kit- 

  • Helps in marketing methodologies
  • Promotes recognition
  • Increase your brand image and make you stand out from your competitors
  • Create a memorable brand identity
  • Helps you win new business

What could be better than this? Nothing, Right?

Now moving forward to the elements that come together to form a powerful brand identity kit.

Brand Message

A brand message is a short and sweet description of the market segment (i.e. target audience). The message should be in a way that the customers find a reason to do business with you. Make it memorable, honest and catchy. You can also add your brand’s tagline/slogan. 

Logo Variations

A logo works as a visual character for a brand. It is a point of identification for the customers to easily recognise and connect with the brand. A brand kit presents a variety of logos and some of the guidelines that are mentioned in the brand kit are Trademarking, Logo usage, Scale and Clearspace, etc. to avoid distortion of the logo.

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Colour Palette

The colour palette is a significant part of the branding kit. It represents the colours that are used by the brand which later becomes a brand identity. For instance, Microsoft uses four main colours to represent their brand. These colours include red, green, blue and yellow. There is one colour that comes to mind when you think of Facebook, and that’s blue. White is used as the background colour in the Facebook app and is also used as a secondary colour by the brand. Some of the colour palette examples are given below… take a look.

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Every brand has its own personalised typeface to make its logo, or brand name unique and engaging. Typography is the art of arranging letters in a way that looks visually appealing to the audience. It comprises fonts, structure and appearance which aims to convey specific messages.



Visual Imagery is the photographs, illustrations, videos and creative designs used on websites to shape your perception and to create an impression as you know that images and graphics is a strong way to communicate with the audience. A good visual identity helps to bring out various moods and emotions from the audience.


Wrapping it up…

By now you must have come to know that a strong brand identity is essential for a successful business. And for turning a business into a brand you really need to pay good attention to your brand kit. Every colour, design, and photograph, you pick will affect your brand in a good or in a bad way. So you need to make an absolute perfect brand identity kit.

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